Choosing a Studio

by Rocco Banks
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Which studio do you pick to record at? This is an inquiry that no question each artist or band will look sooner or later on schedule. This article will give you a couple of pointers to assist with picking the studio that is ideal for you.


You first thought ought to be cost and the accessibility of the studios that you can manage. You ought to have a type of spending plan worked out preceding looking for a studio. A decent guideline is the 10 studio hours for each tune to record and blend. On the normal it will require roughly 10 hours to record and blend every tune that you need to record. Pick a studio that you can record your whole undertaking in (Ex 10 Songs x 10Hrs per=100 studio hours, studio a rates are $40 each studio hour, complete expense is $4,000). When you have a couple of studios distinguished as potential outcomes, you want to see which will squeeze into your time plan. Let’s assume you need to begin recording in two weeks anyway studio a has a multi month holding up list, clearly you wont have the option to record there except if you stand by.


The following thing you ought to consider is gear. Does studio a have first in class vintage stuff and studio b have mid grade hardware? A little investigation into studio hardware might be all together assuming that you are not knowledgeable in studio gear.

Pay attention to CD’s

Have the studios make up certain demos of different groups that have recorded there. Pay attention to the CD’s on however many various sound systems as you can (vehicle, home, companions vehicle etc…). This should provide you with some thought of how your CD will seem like when it is finished.

Meet the Engineer

Meet the architect that will be working with you on your project and get some information about previous experience and get references from different groups that they have worked with. Call the references and ask what was it like working with the specialist. Pay attention to tapes that were recorded at the studio that you are thinking about by the specialist that you will be working with. Assuming the studio recoils from these solicitations they might be concealing something so be careful!


Mechanized blending sheets used to be just for the enormous studio projects with tremendous spending plans. This is not true anymore. In case a studio you are thinking about recording in has a robotized blender it is a major in addition to and ought to be viewed as an exceptionally huge benefit.

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